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Welcome to London Poetry House, the Sustainable fashion brand built on poetic principles.

Fashion, like Poetry, is about Expression, Creativity and Awareness.

A creative person is in touch with the world. They can draw inspiration from a conversation, spending time in the city or walking in nature. As Artists gather stimuli from their environment – so do we.

Our ethical and sustainable approach to fashion is at the heart of everything we do, from the design process, materials we use, through to the manufacturing and packaging. Working Ethically adds quality and value to every stage of production.

At London Poetry House, you’ll find our creative designs on Fairtrade-sourced apparel, made from 100% organic cotton. Let’s nurture the world that gives us our material.

A celebration of Creativity, Diversity and Integrity, these are the key principles that built London PoetryHouse.

Look good in the clothes we wear and feel good about where they come from.



Founder and Poet

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