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Hands and Words

Finale of the “Broken English” project. This exhibition included a curation of my creative endeavours, with an intrinsic look at how I have used my “Hands and Words”.

It took place in the Oxo Gallery on the Southbank, a beautiful location I often visited.  From the launch on Wednesday to the closing on Sunday, I engaged with visitors and shared my Art for the public to see, critique and be a part of. It was quite sentimental and touching to receive such a positive response and engagement from such a wide range of people.



The following pieces are now available for sale/ lease. Email: info@poetryhouse.co.uk


As a Lecturer it was fitting that on entry to the exhibition the first artistic pieces were two massive illustrations that I commissioned from my students.

  1. “New York, New York, So nice you gotta say it twice”.
    Wide landscape silhouette of the New York skyline, painted entirely in le noir. It was a backdrop feature for the tour of “When Harlem Met Kenya”.  The Artist Ulyana may or may not be available for commissions.
  2. “WonderFull World”.
    Large square illustrated collage of notable features from around the globe. This includes; The Banksy piece on the Gaza wall, Terracotta Army, Statue of Liberty, The Redeemer, A Statue of Buddah, The Pyramids, A statue of Nefertiti, London Skyline, A statue of Socrates, The creation of Adam, Che Guevara. Completed by a variety of Business Students.

    I used my Words as a teacher to motivate students to use their talents. My Hands bought the resources.

  3. “GFR”
    Mixed Media Collage. Designed by Jahmar and featuring work from Kristo GFR is an acronym for “Grafitti Fever”. This is a range within PoetryHouse concerned with street art and urban sports. This image featured in my first range of T-shirts and Hoodies. One of my first ever designs.

    Turn the corner

  4. “Red Hot”
    Photographer: Andrew Turnbull
    Photo of the Model “Gifty” on a Fashion catwalk. We worked together on my first video “Daydream”. Andrew really captured her obvious yet mysterious beauty, with president JFK on the screen in the background adding a sense of intensity and theatrics.
  5. “The Lair of a liar”
    Photographer: Jahmar Ngozi
    This image contains a simple yet distinguished selection of desirable items, perfectly placed. Nothing is perfect.
  6. “Southbank @ Night”
    Photographer: Jahmar Ngozi
  7. “Hands and Words”
    Photographer: Rav
    Jahmar Ngozi mid-performance, Broken English at Tristan Bates Theater
  8. “Valley of Glen”
    Photographer: Jahmar Ngozi

Collage Series:

“The Blue”
The wonder Wall

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