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The lost Generation/ Oxford Playhouse

Set in America in the 1980’s, in a secluded New York basement, emerging artist Jean-Michel Basquait begins painting a Masterpiece. From humble beginnings as a homeless teenager, the drugs, racism, insecurities are all still present, along with new found success, fame, and fortune.  Customers want to buy or get high. Icons of the past make appearances to scratch beneath the surface or give him advice. This is the balance between Art and Life.

Based over one day and night, this is a contemporary depiction of how Basquiat worked and lived, whilst highlighting some of the personal and social influences that directly affected him. Many of these factors are still highly relevant today. Using a mixture of historical facts and surrealism, this play provides genuine insight and entertainment, without compromise.

Many ideas are left open to audience interpretation, such as the roles and relationships of the other lead characters; Frida Kahlo, Gil-Scott Heron, Charles Bukowski, and F.Scott.Fitzgerald.

Through this diverse range of personalities, opinions on humanity, creativity, and success are addressed and explored unashamedly.

Jean-Michel Basquiat is the most financially successful Black painter to date. An icon, beloved by the Hip-Hop community and the Avant-Garde. This story is a celebration of his life as well an imaginative portrayal of the creative process for his most lucrative painting.

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