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I saw this shop front while walking in Germany and I took this picture as it fascinated me. It wasn’t just because I hadn’t seen anything like it before, but it meant something much more.

Today I wear so many different hats; Family member, Artist, Friend and Entrepreneur. Each one is very important to me, though there are times when I need to take off the hats and familiarise myself with who I am again.

As we grow it is important to embrace change accordingly in order to recharge, re-focus and make the most of the gifts that we’ve been given. Time is so precious! Spend it wisely.

During my “Hats off time” I managed to take a honest look at myself, which isn’t always easy! I got to laugh at myself again, congratulate myself for reaching certain goals, listen to my thoughts, ponder over how I would like to become better and my life to progress. I was able to wonder through the thriving Arts scene in London and on the internet. I was reminded of what I enjoyed and how important Art, Travelling and Charity is to my life. 

When I decided to come back, I had so much more to give.


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