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Thanks GreenPeace,


For reminding me of the Peace that can be found amongst greenery!

How we should not take for granted this gift

For what would happen if there were no more fish?
I salute the people with passion prepared to protect the amazing Amazon

For as well as animals, it also a place where people live.

They cut down trees

Though it is these leaves that we need to produce the air we breathe. Inhale. For what these corporations got cooking could leave us in hell! They fish for tuna But end up killing sharks, dolphins and whales….
And in the end their reaction is just “oh well”.

O’ well, well, well

Let’s see how deep the well goes.

Oil spills

Pollution kills

Innocent blood

Watered the flowers & Left ruby coloured daffodils

The smoke and smog that scorched the sky

Prepare to say goodbye to summer
Hello to a new season

Where the air is too polluted to breathe in

The rich fly to Mars
We will be left baring the scars

People the choice is yours


The choice is ours



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